When it comes to realize that you do need a “green vacation” after dealing with hectic days, never ending office works or may be! Horrible Bosses. You’re gonna ask friends to go to places  where you could find an inner peace. Yes! you ask them to find out an affordable short vacation yet enjoyable and instagramable.

So this is me! Going with a story that I believe you’d love to read with no hesitation.

It was my 2nd vacation in 1st semester of 2018 that I went to Geopark Ciletuh. A new destination in West Java that has many beautiful spots. Geopark Ciletuh- Palabuhanratu, Sukabumi was officially set in 2015  to be part of the world geopark network or Unesco Global Geopark (UGG). This is a new history for the world of tourism in West Java ( detik.com ) . Since it is 191 KMs away from Jakarta The trip could approximately take 6 hours with this route : jakarta-Jagorawi-Ciawi-sukabumi-ciletuh.


oke! forget the “about” of this place. let’s continue my story. I went there by car with my office mates on Saturday, April 28th 2018. I reached the venue at 04. 00 a.m whic was very cool there. The first destination we stepped on is Bukit Panenjoan. A hills where you see the rice  fields surrounded by forest trees make up the mega amphitheater. I took the picture during the sunrise at 05.30 a.m


Later on we went down the hills to find out Curug Kembar Sodong. A waterfall you shouldn’t miss to visit. It is located not far from Bukit Panenjoan. “Kembar” means twins, it is obvious that this waterfall has two streams of water with the same size so it looks like a twin. We are not recommended to swim  because the water is not really clean.


Geopark is also known for it’s rare beauty beach called Pantai pasir Putih. It is located in Desa Girimukti, Ciemas. It is unclear why is the beach called “Pasir putih” or white sands in english because the sands are more likely to be brown. By the time I came to this beach, it is not really clean. I could find some garbages  and the water  is quite dirty. Just for your little FYI, it is free of charge to enjoy this beach.


We also explored island near pasir putih beach to find some cleaner water to swim. We dont know the name of the island but it is quite and beautiful.  We swam for about an hour.


After spending about an hour in an unknown Island, we finally moved to our last destiantion, Curug Cimarinjung . It is only a couple meters away from the Pasir Putih beach. Comparing to previous waterfall we had visited, Curug Cimarinjung is less attractive and the water is more likely brown. So we just spent a few minutes enjoying the waterfall.


So that was how my trip went to an end.  We enjoyed the trip really.  Geopark Ciletuh has many beautiful spots you would like to visit from hills to waterfall. It is near from Bandung and Jakarta. So you could arrange a fantastic one day trip with your beloved friends.


What are you waiting for? Go get some vacations, Good people : )